Frequently Asked Questions


  Who can use Bidkall Auction Mall  to host Online or Onsite auctions?
  Licences Auctioneers and Non Profits.


   What are the costs for for selling on the site?
   There are separate plans available:

   Seller year plan
   Subscribe to Bidkall Auction Mall for a Year for $ 875.00.  With Your Subscription you can create unlimited auctions for a entire
   Year without paying any 
additional listing fees. You only pay a per lot Transaction fee of 5%  you also get to advertise your Onsite
   auctions using our public auction calendar with email notifications for free!

  Seller Per Auction Plan
  Pay to Bidkall Auction Mall per Auction Listing plus 5% Lot Transaction Fees. Without a subscription you will pay $ 75.00 for
  each auction listing and a per lot transaction fee of 5%

  Advertise Onsite Auctions
  Advertise your Onsite Auctions on our public calendar with email notifications for a small fee of $ 3.50 per auction.


    Do participants need to create an account to bid on items?
    Can participants view an auction without an account?
    I forgot my password. How can I log into my account?
    Go to Sign and click forgot password then follow prompts.
    How do I cancel my account?
   Sent Email to Bidkall admin.
    I created an account, but I didn't receive the confirmation email.
   Check your spam folder or your junk mail folder if your email client has one


    How can I contact the auction administrator?
    Every Auction Listed has the auction contact information listed. Feel free to contact them with your specific questions.
    Is there a summary of items during the auction?
    Onsite Auctions have a Catalog download available.
    How long can an auction run?
    As long or as short as you wish  you set the dates and times.
    How do I cancel or remove an auction?
    From your Account Dashboard select Delete
    Would you mind changing the auction dates?
    Bidkall Admin can update your start date and time. Just send us a message with your reason for the change.
    What is extended bidding?
Lots close for bidding all at the same time or one-by-one in equally spaced intervals if a buyer places
    a bid in the closing minutes of an auction the BidKall Auction Mall System automatically extends the bidding time frame, ensuring
    that the bidder willing to bid the highest always wins.

    How do I find an auction?
    Use our search filters at top of page. You may search by distance, catagory, company name
    How do I change who is listed as a contact for the auction?
    In your sellers dashboard area.

Auction Items

    Can I add items while the auction is running?
    How do I pickup and pay for the item I won?
    Follow the Auction details listed in each auction
    Can I upload auction items from a spreadsheet?
    How do I make sure an item sells for a certain amount?
    Use the Reserve feature when listing the Lot


    Can you remove or correct my bid?
    Can I turn off the bid history display?
    YES On your sellers dasboard in auction post. 

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