How It Works
Register and Start Bidding
It's Free
You will need to register to participate in an auction.
Registering is free. Fill in all the required fields and click on Submit.
You will also be required to read and agree to BidKall's Auction Mall User Agreement and Privacy Policy
The final registration step is an email with a link to click that validates your email address.
Get In On The Auction
Bidding has a start and end date/time. Sellers offer Lots for sale over a pre-determined period of time usually over several days or weeks.
Lots close for bidding all at the same time or one-by-one in equally spaced intervals if a buyer places a bid in the closing minutes of an auction the BidKall Auction Mall System automatically extends the bidding time frame, ensuring that the bidder willing to bid the highest always wins.
All bids are submitted online.
Maximum Bid (MaxBid)
Entering a maximum bid is easy…
When you enter a maximum bid BidKall Auction Mall will automatically bid for you in the auction bidding increments. This feature bids on your behalf.
You place a bid higher than the asking bid, and your maximum bid will be registered.
Your bid amount will increase only if someone else places a higher bid, or if someone else bids at the same time you bid.
BidKall Auction Mall is programmed to bid only as much as necessary by following the auctions bid increments for you to win.
How to Search
You can Search Auctions either by:
Auction Company
Auction Category
Lot Category
Add to Watchlist
Keep track of auctions, lots and sellers you like.
You can reach your watchlists from your dashboard.
You can add a auction, lot or seller to your watchlist by simply clicking the eye icon.
You will receive notification emails when there is an update on the lots or the auctions in your watchlist and when a seller in your watchlist creates a new auction.
You've Won!
When participating in a timed auction, you will receive an email from BidKall's Auction Mall notifying you of your purchase in an auction, notification will come directly from the seller.
Sellers in BidKall's Auction Mall typically send out an informational invoice to buyers via email within 48 hours of the purchase.
Invoices include complete payment details of all fees such as Buyer's Premium, taxes, and shipping as well as any additional information the seller may want to include.
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